Monday, 18 August 2008

Dark Clouds Loom for South Africa One Day Series

England cricket has once again lost to its fateful and eternal enemy: the weather. With the game set in Edinburgh (surely some clever person with a degree of intelligence would know that the weather in Scotland is ten times worse than England), a result was never really on the cards, and not surprisingly, the match was abandoned.

All hope was not lost, though. England at least got to have a bowl at the Scottish team (which included a policeman - Nightwatchgirl is sure that this calibre of opposition will certainly prepare England for the onslaught of the South Africans). Flintoff (3-21), Bresnan (2-34) and Broad (2-35) were the pick of the bowlers, but still England failed to bowl Scotland out in the reduced 44 overs.

The results of the latest poll on Nightwatchgirl prove, without a single grain of doubt, that readers are agreeing that England just aren't up to standard yet. When asked if England could beat South Africa in the One Day Series, 43% thought there was not a chance, with only 31% thinking it was possible.  Nightwatchgirl would also like to add that 25% of those polled thought England could only win if Britney Spears was captain.  Oh it's a worrying world we live in.

All this deeply troubles Nightwatchgirl. Yes, it's great to have Flintoff back in working order (hip, hip, hooray), but England must somehow, and almost overnight, become a better team.

Suggestions as to how this is possible would be gratefully received.

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