Monday, 4 August 2008

England go nuts for KP

After probably the worst kept secret in cricket history, Kevin Pietersen was handed the England captaincy today. And yes, he's smiling now, but for how long will that cheesy grin remain?

Pietersen has remained an enigmatic cricketer. His previous innings have shown a player who can take a game away from the opposition, create panic, even force an ICC meeting about his left-handed shot. His downsides are that he is too brash, all too often throws his wicket away, and at certain points can't even catch a ball. But the question remains, can he cope with the captaincy? Nightwatchgirl is undecided.

It has also been announced that coming in for Michael Vaughan is Ravi Bopara, who last played for England at the end of 2007 against Sri Lanka. Ok, he's only played three test matches, but is this the time to be experimenting? Three words: ashes, ashes, ashes...

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