Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hip Hip Harmy

Great news for the England One Day team (finally). Steve Harmison has cancelled his plans to retire from the 50 over game, and has decided to make his return in the South Africa series (starting Friday).

Harmison 'officially' hung up his cricket boots after the One Day series in Australia, but it seems some encouraging words from KP and the desperate realisation that England need the extra firepower, swung Harmy to rescue England.

Things look a tad better for England now. With the day/night match starting at 2.30pm BST tomorrow at Headingly, the toss will once again prove important (seriously - your votes are needed). Batting second and under lights has always been something of a curse, but then at the same time, setting a total high enough to put South Africa under pressure will also rate as a pretty difficult task for the new-look England batting order.

With Bell and Prior eager to show selectors that they can open the batting successfully and Pietersen desperate to start his reign as One Day captain with the same result as the Oval test match, the game tomorrow should prove equally as exciting as it will be nerve-wracking.

p.s. There has been rumours that Harmison is only back to try and secure a place for the Stamford match, where players will be receiving a rather large pay-packet for a win. Nightwatchgirl is not so cynical. Harmison is back for England's sake, and not his bank balance (hopefully).


David said...

Isn't it amazing. KCrap came out and said that in their current form the poms could beat the Aussies in the next Ashes series, yet Nightwatchgirl states that the England team needs 'rescuing'.

Either you're a good side with or without him...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

KCrap. Now that is catchy.

Anonymous said...

I can't forgive Harmy for his attitude after the Ashes whitewash we suffered down under.. now all of a sudden he 'wants' to play one day cricket...if he comes up trumps during the series v S.A, that's all well & good.
I reserve judgement until we tour overseas...'s a beauty!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Kcrap is now copywrite of Nightwatchgirl (sorry Brett's Brother) - too slow.