Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hold the Front Page

Ever since Marcus Trescothick opened up about his love for Murray Mints, the Australian press have had a field day. Cries of cheating have been shouted out from the rafters; the Ashes win of 2005 was only possible because England had an unfair advantage.

Trescothick claimed that after having a mint, his saliva was rubbed on to the ball and was helping it to swing. Technically, this is cheating. The rules state pretty clearly that players are not permitted to do anything to the ball that will make it do something it shouldn't.

Now, Nightwatchgirl is not normally the one to be quoting journalists on her blog, but today feels like an exception. Patrick Kidd, sports columnist from The Times, has written a brilliant article today about this very subject:

The Australian press "got the story wrong. As Trescothick's autobiography makes quite clear, the mischief with the Murray Mints did not happen in 2005 but during the Ashes summer of 2001. England lost that series 4-1, proving that when it comes to cheating, we suck." (The rest of the article can be found here).

Therefore, the Ashes 2005 remains a series that England won fairly by playing well and out-thinking the Australians. It remains a great series of two top sides going head-to-head with the greatest players in the world at the time. And it remains, that for some dark and historical reason, the Aussies won't give England the credit that they deserve for that series.

Nightwatchgirl wishes to start a group filled with England and Australian supporters that can discuss the cricket, talk about past games peacefully and skip happily through meadows with flowers in their hair.


David said...

you'd be hard pressed to put flowers in my hair, but feel free to give it a go.

I don't know enough about the mint thing to comment, and really it's all hearsay. Those wishing to relive the past can do so without me. I think we should all focus our attention on the upcoming Ashes series which I reckon will be closeish.

Make the group nightwatchgirl, i'll join :)

DreamDancer said...

Nice post. The Aussie press have been rather ridiculous in their coverage of the story and appear to be desperate to find a reason for that series loss other than the fact that England were the better team.

Count me in a member of that friendly group as well.