Wednesday, 13 August 2008

ICC Rankings will Rankle KP

After Sri Lanka's win against India, and England's loss against South Africa, Sri Lanka now move ahead of England in the ICC rankings (England are now fifth).

This is worrying news for England fans, especially given Kevin Pietersen's fighting words after the Oval test against South Africa. KP happily declared that if England "play like we did this week we can beat Australia."

Oh KP. Why infuriate and rile the Australians any more than they are already when it comes to beating the English? Why can't England (or just Pietersen, at least) just go on their merry little way; playing games to the best of their ability, keeping quiet and looking pretty, and not giving interviews to all who'll listen about beating the Australians in 2009 after only winning one Test match out of four?

Please England, concentrate on one job at a time. England fans want to win the One Day series against South Africa first. Start talking Ashes after the West Indies tour next winter/spring.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on girl!