Monday, 4 August 2008

The Nightwatchgirl cometh!

Welcome to my cricket blog. Anything you've ever wanted to know about the game will be here, sooner or later and with your help. If there are any rules you don't understand, any results that don't make sense - nightwatchgirl is here!

The Nightwatchman is a lower order batsman, who literally will watch the night. They will be sent in to bat if there is only about half an hour left in the day's play. Their use lies in protecting the batsman who was meant to come in from not doing their job properly and getting out. This can work brilliantly, or backfire and bite the team in the box.

I'm not sure where that leaves nightwatchgirl, but she's out there defending the team, not really able to bat, but trying her best!

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Rob said...

Excellent, we need more girls blogging about cricket.

Saintoise said...

Excellent idea young lady! I will read your blog.

Miriam said...

Welcome, ladyblogger.

David said...

Im getting excited about all these women blogging (tho one is my sister, and that sure does not excite me). Welcome Nightwatchgirl

Jrod said...

I am actually a bit disappointed, i thought this might be a blog about Russian cinema.

Anonymous said...

Will always welcome someone who will 'watch' over the spirit of the game as much as the game itself. If not more.

welcome to the weird and wonderful world of blogging and online cricket.
Everyday is a new experience.

Anonymous said...

Girls + Cricket =FUN
Found this blog today while looking at an Aussie Girl's blog.
I know which one i'm sticking with!

Anonymous said...

Having said that...i do like Miss Fields blog will be a regular reader after all, even us whinging Poms have a deep down admiration for the team down under, don't we?
Err..don't we?