Tuesday, 5 August 2008

No Moore(s) chopping and changing

England continue to favour those with a South African birthplace, with the announcement that Matt Prior is to replace Tim Ambrose (technically Australian by birth) as wicketkeeper for the One Day International series against South Africa.

The England selectors are starting to resemble a kid in a candy shop. What England need is consistency, not a merry-go-round (Pattinson, anyone?).

Prior, who has played 22 ODIs with an average of 21, has been recalled most likely due to Ambrose's paltry batting of late. But, nightwatchgirl must ask, why not give him a bit more time? Ambrose has only played five ODIs. One-night-stands have lasted longer.

Poor Tim. And he looks so hopeful too. Perhaps if he'd played for Sussex like Prior he would be slightly better favoured by the coach (wait, was Peter Moores coach for Sussex, wow small world....?).

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banh said...

Odd, I was still under the impression Mustard was playing.