Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Polls are in

Forget the 2008 American Presidential Election; forget about Gordon and the Davids (that's Cameron and Miliband). The two most important results for this year are right here on this very website, brought to you only by Nightwatchgirl.

When asked who should have been England captain, a massive 41% of those polled believed Britney Spears should have been chosen: a very wise choice given her mental strength, her obvious skills for leadership, and of course, her batting average. I have been in contact with her representatives and, unfortunately, Spears would rather work on her 'singing career' than come to the aid of English cricket. Selfish girl (I hear her doosra is pretty useful).

Alastair Cook was also a popular choice with a healthy 22%, beating Kevin Pietersen (16%), Ian Bell (16%) and Sir Ian Botham (3%). What this says about KP, or about those people who have voted, Nightwatchgirl does not wish to comment.

However, the most frightening of all were the results for whether KP will make a good captain. Only 28% agreed he will. A whopping 46% believe it doesn't matter anyway because England have already lost the Ashes in 2009, without an Aussie even stepping on English soil. A most depressing thought given that the series is still a summer away.

Nightwatchgirl remains an optimist.


Anonymous said...

Although I am optimistic about the KP era, whn I read these kind of statements, it makes me cringe a bit.


"If we play like we did this week we can beat Australia. The key is to play like we did here every game," he said.

What was good enough to win a testmatch does not necessarily be enough to win against an entirely different team a year from now.

I hope KP stays firmly within the realities and not loose focus with soundbites.

Anonymous said...

We beat a team who had already won the series.
KP has always been one for opening his mouth at completely the wrong moments.
I thought with becoming captain he would start to choose his words more wisely.
Obviously not!
Rubbish like this just fuels the Aussies thirst for our blood.
I can see them nudging each other and sniggering already!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

I think the saying about counting your eggs is perhaps appropriate here. The last thing England needs is an Australian side even more fired up to beat the English than normal. I fear it maybe more than just nudging and sniggering from the Australians. All out cricket war beckons. Crap.