Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sid slid out of the England team

Ryan Sidebottom has been dropped for the final test at the Oval against South Africa. After putting in a below-par performance at Edgbaston, Sidebottom will have to watch from the sidelines as England struggle to gain something positive from this test series.

Nightwatchgirl is particularly pleased with this decision because of Sidebottom's behaviour on the field during the last test. Sidebottom was caught several times being pretty aggressive towards Monty Panesar over his fielding, shouting helpful and encouraging words such as 'wake up' along with a few expletives. Sidebottom needs reminding that not only is there no 'i' in team, but also he is not the greatest fielder either.

It will only be the positive reinforcement that helps Monty gain confidence, not the threat of a mad man with crazy hair shouting at him.

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Anonymous said...

I was appalled by Sid's behaviour..especially when he called Monty 'Dave'..bit like a sketch from 'Only Fools & Horses'...

P.S..that was a was actually 'Dive' but spoken with his Northern dialect!