Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cricket vs Baseball: Round 2 - The Outfits

The outfit for playing sport professionally is vitally important. It requires keeping you warm and cool when necessary (obviously at different points in time). It needs to cover all the right places constantly (kilts in this situation would definitely not work) and, finally, it has to look good (read professional).

Cricketers change their outfit depending upon which form of the game they are playing. For Test matches, it will always be white (well, it used to be cream, but Addidas put a stop to that and now it's whiter than white, even blinding white). For some reason, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 games require a whole different colour scheme (reasons unknown. Would we get confused if they always played in their whites? More importantly, would the players get confused playing in whites and forget which form of the game they were playing?).

Die hard, old school cricket fans (the MCC member) call this look (i.e. the outfit with colours) 'pyjamas.' This is because they hate it and the shorter forms of the game (this will never change - ever). It has nothing to do with sleeping. At all.

Baseball outfits are very different. There are weird, tight trousers (leggings?) involved and cardigans. Basically, the attention to detail and imagination have been lost somewhere over the Atlantic. Do they keep the player cool when they're hot? Do they keep the player warm when cold? There does not appear to be any use in Baseball of the magical 'skins' used by cricketers underneath their outfit as some sort of alien device that helps their muscles contract or whatever it is that they do magically.

Therefore, in conclusion, baseball outfits lack colour change, imagination and variety. Cricket lacks the cardigans, which might make a nice change from the jumper-with-no-sleeves approach.

Perhaps a combination of the two would produce some super, hybrid technology that would play the sport for the player without the player having to actually do anything. Genius.


David said...

Here for you I found this bit of info about one day cricket. Research Kerry Packer, he came up with the idea.

An aussie coming up with an idea that allows the aussie team to dominate everything! wo0t!

David Barry said...

baseball outfits lack colour change
Usually baseball teams where white for home games and another colour (grey, usually) away.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Oomy Dave,
Long time no hear. Glad you're still kicking. It does not surprise me that an Australian came up with the idea of players wearing coloured outfits. There is very little else to do down under...(only joking, but fashion and Australia are hardly bed fellows).

Thank you again for teaching me the finer points of the baseball outfit. I was not aware that teams changed colours for home and away games. Yet another piece of valubale information to go in to the Nightwatchgirl vault.

Lori said...

Colorless uniforms? Surely you jest? Oakland wears green and gold,Colorado purple and black, the Yankees wear pinstripes at home and grays on the road. Some teams have as many as four different color combinations. Also, players wear under garments that keep them warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.