Saturday, 6 September 2008

Run-out, but Not Forgotton...

Australia completed a series whitewash against Bangladesh in Darwin today, although not without several errors of the calling kind.

Not one, not two, but three run-outs dominated the Australian innings. Mike Hussey was the stand-out batsman, making 57, but other normally reliable one-day big hitters were felled due to some 'mis-communication.'

Skipper Michael Clarke stood helplessly as Shane Watson was run out, after dawdling instead of sprinting. And as karma so often prevails in these situations, Clarke was then done the same way. The other Hussey (David) was also run out, making an even three of the batsmen returning to the Pavilion feeling equally annoyed at not making it back in to his crease in time.

Was this due to a lack of respect for the Bangladesh fielding? Or was this just like the bus you wait for half an hour to arrive and then three come at once? Either way, like in couples counselling, communication is key (when running between the wickets). Communication and trust. Trust that your partner truly believes there is a run to be had. Trust that when your partner is running towards you, you need to be running the other way. And fast.

The communication that doesn't work at the crease, will more than likely flow freely in the dressing room when you can unleash your inner-annoyed child, flipping cross that your innings ended prematurely.

Although Nightwatchgirl would not recommend this course of action against your captain. He can do no wrong. His communication is always right. You always have to trust him. That's why he's the husband in this crazy, pseudo-marriage scenario and you are the down-trodden, upset, never-listened to wife, ready to put rat poison in his dinner (watch out Pup).


David said...

Australia's problem with this series is that we only really do well under alot of pressure, when there is none we take things for granted. Mike Hussy (I was at the game) was taking things very seriously and you could see he was pumped when he came into bat, yet during the last over he threw his bat away and his helmet and gloves away comically, as if in frustration though, he knew we could do better. Maybe he should have been our captain who knows.

We won, thats all that matters ;)

Check out some pics from the ground at

Val Blundell said...

Do you think that Pup is too young to be captain Dave?
He was being built up as the successor to Punters throne some time ago.
I actually do like Pup...i'll probably get tarred & feathered for saying that but i've followed his career for a while now, not sure about the haircut though, think i prefered the blonde highlights!
I think we have the same sort of scenario over here.
It's all well and good giving the captaincy to who you 'think' should do the job.
In reality, are they really the 'right' person for the job?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Val, you are not the only one who likes Pup. Nightwatchgirl had the pleasure of meeting mr captain-in-waiting at the Sydney Cricket Ground in March, 2008. He was very nice, signed an autograph (even though I am a pom)and then rushed off to training. Up close, Clarke is not that tall, and very slim. It's a surprise that he can hit the ball that hard or that far.

p.s. Brett's brother, your photos are rubbish. Don't leave teaching for a career in photography.

Val Blundell said...

Thank goodness for that, he's the only reason i watch the Aussies when they're not playing us!!
He does look a tad fragile bless him but most definately one of the more bearable players to watch in full flow...even my other half quite likes him, though probably not in the sense that i do!!

A head to head with KP next year will be quite something don't you think?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Who's going to be Australia's captain though? Ponting or Clarke? That is the question.

David said...


He will captain the side till he retires, which isn't yet so don't get your hopes up ;)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

oh well

Val Blundell said...

Can't be far off surely?
About time Hayden started thinking about it too!

We can dream can't we?

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Hayden's almost old enough to be Pup's father, isn't he?

Lyxol said...

Of, at least we still can dream :D