Monday, 29 September 2008

Shane Warne and the Technicolour Pill

Today is the day for news. Today reaches some kind of peak. Today is the best day so far, ever, in the universe.

Nightwatchgirl literally cannot type fast enough to get this blog out. For today (drum roll please) sees a story in The Sun that Shane Warne is having a musical made about his life (and no this is no April Fools, or September fools or whatever - this. is. real.) and it's due in Australia this December.

'Shane Warne - The Musical' (catchy title) has 24 songs and details his life in cricket, and the colourful one he enjoyed outside the game (notably diuretic pills and a lot of women). Song titles include: 'What an SMS I'm in,' and 'Take the Pill.' Genius.

Warne is far from pleased at all this attention and song-writing in his direction. Apparently he has had no say and not given the go-ahead (which also can be read to mean that he's not getting a cut of the profits). Warne also believes that 'it should be law' to 'have their permission off anyone to write about their life.' I bet that's not what Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat thought, or for that matter Simba from the Lion King and it did them no harm.

Facts still waiting to be proved correct:
1. Will the man (I assume it will be a man, and not like in Peter Pan, where Peter is always played by a girl) wear a fat suit at any time during the play?
2. Will there be actual cricket involved or just a lot of drinking and singing about girls?
3. Will his hair re-growth advert get a mention?
4. Will the musical be funny or in a similar vein to Les Miserables?
5. Will Warne go to see it?
6. When is it coming to the West End? Nightwatchgirl wants a ticket.


Anonymous said...

Let it be a Warne-Woman, oh please NWG. Go lobby the producers.

Top stuff.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

I'm already on it, d. As we speak, a letter is flying to Australia enquiring as to the gender of Warne. The Warne-woman is catchy. I like it.

Nightwatchgirl's good friend Patrick also came up with (now this is inspired): Panesar the Ballet. Plot line was not offered, but it could be a sell-out. Feel free to let your minds carry you wherever you need to go on that one.

MC Gregor & Mix Master D said...

The gent who is writing the musical also did a similar job on a former Aussie PM called 'Keating'. Much to the surprise of everyone, it was a massive success.

Having seen 'Keating', which delves into illicit affairs and pollies dressed as transvestites, the Balls can testify that the song-writer has a gift. And what a range of song themese he will have! Ciggies, women, weight gain, tram crashes, mullets, poker, marriage breakdown, and possibly cricket.

The problem is the song writer, lead actor etc is actually a skinny, tall, dark haired gent. The Balls suspect someone else will be needed to play Warne. This is when the Crocodile Hunter's tragic passing is truly felt.

Unknown said...

I've been beaten to it by the balls, but will concur that Keating was entertaining and successful.

A few questions I'm awaiting answers to:

Who will play Gatting?
What colour WAS the couch?
Should I raise on a pair of Kings?

Unknown said...

More on the Director:

Eddie has toured Australia extensively, as well as successful seasons in Edinburgh and London. Angry Eddie, his first solo show, received several awards including a Green Room Award (Best original music), a Barry Award for Best Newcomer (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2004) and The Golden Gibbo Award (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2004). He also won a Green Room award for Innovation in Cabaret in 2003 and has been nominated for the award seven times for everything from musical direction to Best Cabaret Artist.

His previous show, Drink Pepsi, Bitch picked up the Best Cabaret gong at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2006.

Eddie’s Australian television credits include Kath And Kim, MDA, Blue Heelers, Stingers, The Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala, Stand-Up and Spicks And Specks. He has appeared on UK and US television for shows such as Best Of The Fringe and The World Stands Up.