Thursday, 4 September 2008

This Isn't the End, it's Just the Beginning

And so another international cricket summer has passed in England. South Africa's tour has ended and the England cricket team take a well deserved break from the game. And what a summer it has been.

Highs and lows, old captains going, a new captain arrives, teeth knocked out, bumps on heads, dropped catches, centuries, haircuts, rain, wind, overthrows, returning heroes, tennis elbow, more rain, new players and lots and lots of cricket.

Where does this leave the cricket fan? With no games to go to, no summer to worry about whether the rain will cancel the match, no songs to chant, the English cricket fan has been abandoned. Left out in the cold, to watch autumn change the colour of the leaves, to make the evenings and mornings dark and to see the temperature plummet. Gloom and doom.

But fear not! For there will be more cricket. This autumn/winter there are tours happening all over the globe to whet the appetite of the cricket lover.

Stanford Twenty20:
October 25 -England v Twenty20 Cup Winners
October 28 - England v Trinidad and Tobago
November 1 - Stanford Super Stars v England

Australia in India - September till November 2008
New Zealand in Bangladesh - October 2008
England in India - November till December 2008
Bangladesh in South Africa - November till December 2008
New Zealand in Australia - November 2008 till February 2009
West Indies in New Zealand - December 2008 till January 2009
South Africa in Australia - December 2008 till January 2009
England in the West Indies - January till April 2009
Australia in South Africa - February till April 2009
India in New Zealand - March till April 2009

And then it's summer again (woo hoo). England will be hosting the World Twenty20 in June. And then it's just the small matter of the Ashes.

So there are things to look forward to. There is still hope. Summer will come round again. We can hope that it will be sunny, warm and without too much rain. And hope that the cricket next summer will be worth the wait.

And Nightwatchgirl will be here for all the games, for all the news, and for anything else that happens between now and eternity.


Unknown said...

England vs Middlesex should be interesting! Any news on who Shah would play for? Next Summer is the big big big big thing :D. Looking forward to West Indies though - always love watching them play. Stanford i don't look forward to as much for reasons i rant about on my blog!

Val Blundell said...

Thanks to the overseas tours and coverage of other test nations just seems like one big season rolled into one.
Hopefully the weather will be better than the rubbish us English have had to put up with.
To top it's LESS than a year till The Ashes 2009!!

Unknown said...

9 months till the Ashes which is great. Yep this summer has been pretty terrible and the county cricket has been greatly hit by this. Very annoying but one can only look forward to the Winter matches abroad and the next summer over here in England.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Global warming has never been so important. If we all start now, next summer will be boiling. This means: heating on full, windows open, driving everywhere, taking unnecessary flights and chopping down as many trees as possible. Teamwork is everything.

Unknown said...

No, global warming won't be the answer lol. I'm as green as they come! I'll just move abroad if the worst comes to the worst and i have to play cricket, which i'm sure i will :D

DreamDancer said...

I'm looking forward to this winter's cricket. I've just moved into my student house and a couple of us are paying a small fortune to Virgin for Sky Sports - in my case it's just for the cricket over the next year. Not being able to watch the Ashes would have been to awful to think about.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

cricket vs studying. Pretty easy contest methinks.

DreamDancer said...

Too true. My problem every year is the time difference between here and Aus. Stayed up to watch the first session of the day every day for the first two Ashes tests in 2006 as well as going to 9 o'clock lectures every day and nearly collapsed from sleep deprivation by the end.