Monday, 6 October 2008

Baseball v Cricket: Actual Battle....and cricket lost.

As if by some kind of spooky, psychic magic, Somerset, or more specifically Marcus Trescothick in his benefit year, organised a game of baseball against the Great Britain Baseball team yesterday. This comes only a week after Nightwatchgirl wrote several incredibly insightful blogs about the differences between cricket and baseball. Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

On Trescothick's team were Ashes heroes Ashley Giles and Geraint Jones and some Somerset regulars. The Great Britain Baseball team was made up of, well, proper baseball players.

The game did not go well. And that's being polite. The professionals thumped Somerset 21-1, which NWG thinks means they lost. Badly. But, on the positive side Geraint Jones managed to score one, whatever that means, so at least one point was achieved (grasping at straws...).

This obviously proves NWG completely wrong on the differences between cricket and baseball. Baseball appears to be much more difficult than considered previously. She apologises profusely to all baseball fans.

What Nightwatchgirl did find interesting was that Great Britain even had a baseball team, and furthermore, they are competing in the World Cup next year. Go Great Britain! What is not clear is whether America will be competing, or if this is just a European competition. Kind of makes a difference.


David Barry said...

The US does compete in the baseball World Cup, but there are no Major League players involved. So it's a World Cup without the best 750 players or so (possibly more - I'm not sure if the Japanese League allows its players to play there).

The Major Leaguers do play in the World Baseball Classic, which will be held in 2009 (and in which GB won't be competing).

The Nightwatchgirl said...

It's nice that they separate the bad from the good. It's fairer that way, or something...