Friday, 17 October 2008

King Sachin, the New Ruler of Cricket World

All hail the Sachin run machine, who today has broken the record, and the 12,000 runs mark, for the highest test runs total ever. Obviously Nightwatchgirl's jealousy over Tendulkar's nationality (oh, why can't he be English?) goes without saying, but she does pass on her genuine congratulations and computer applause.

The really worrying part of this whole saga is the discovery that even when England's most prolific batsmen, Flintoff (3444), Pietersen (3890) and Strauss' (3943) runs total are added up and put TOGETHER, they still don't get anywhere near to Sachin's total.

England needs a serious run maker, hungry, no starving to score more and more runs than considered necessary or possible. Where will this person be found? When will he reveal himself? And, if he could just show up between now and July 09, that would be just great. If anyone has any clue where the England batting saviour is, please capture him, wrap him in cotton wool, place neatly in a box and post straight to the ECB.

Much appreciated.

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Damith S. said...

Ya its hard to see where England would ever find a run machine like that.

Best bet would be Ramps but well his career is over now.

All hail the great Sachin !