Monday, 20 October 2008

No Clowning Around for England

Kevin Pietersen, England captain and now philanthropist (apparently he will be donating part of his prize winnings to charity), has come out today defending the $1,000,000 prize fund that will accompany a win in the Stanford series.

Whilst the rest of the world are contemplating a dry spell when it comes to finances, the England camp could potentially win more money than many earn in five years, let alone one. But Nightwatchgirl is not blaming the England team. But that hasn't stopped KP.

For some unknown reason, Pietersen feels he needs to assert that he doesn't want "anyone [in the England camp] carrying on like a clown."

What is this statement in relation to? Is a big, curly, red wig and make-up part of the appearance fee? Will Harmison and Broad be required to bowl on a unicycle? Will Collingwood have water squirted in his eye when he's trying to take a catch?

If this is the case, Nightwatchgirl thinks the prize should be doubled and maybe accompanied by the West Indian players having to field while riding elephants and possibly Prior jumping on a trampoline whilst trying to keep wicket.

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