Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Red Light Cricket Game

Kevin Pietersen has officially lost his mind. After weeks of 3 line whipping the England camp in to shape over what great experience the Stanford Super Series will be and how it's all about the game and not the money, KP has admitted that "the longer this week goes on the more I want to get it over with."

Only days after harping on and on to all who would listen about the privilege of playing for England, having the three lions on your shirt, KP now can't wait to get home. What has changed?

Could it be the atmosphere the games are played in? Could it be the sight of England WAGS getting cosy with Stanford? Could it possibly be the sight of cricket being sold to the highest bidder is finally chaffing a little?

Either way, Nightwatchgirl is left confused. Should she be enjoying the cricket in Antigua or boycotting it? It feels like such a long time since England were playing regular games that it is a welcome relief to be able to watch her team at all.

You would never hear KP talk about other more 'worthy' series this way. There will be no mention of getting the Ashes out the way (unless England repeat the last encounter), so why this?

Nightwatchgirl has come to the conclusion that even the players feel a little bit dirty at being paid to perform like circus monkeys. The series has no worth except money.

It's a dark day for cricket when the England captain can't be bothered, even if it is for a $1,000,000.


Edladd said...

He seems to be in good enough form -

I guess he's sensing the fact that the game doesn't mean much to the fans so he doesn't need to push the "upbeat captain" side of things.

Damith S. said...

Id be bored too, playing Antigua, not a sportsmans finest moment.

Plus that sleezy mofo is gettin on the pommy nerves. prior should clock stanford with his bat. the never. id'a pulled his mustache out, slowly.