Friday, 14 November 2008

Can That Be A Practice Match? Please?

Should Nightwatchgirl focus on the positives and ignore the fact that England were thrashed by 158 runs?

She'll try.


1.Flintoff isn't injured.
2. Broad is back.
3. Bopara's batting was useful and confident.
4. The sky was very blue.
5. Nightwatchgirl can't think of another thing.


1.England failed to bowl India out.
2. England's batting was rubbish (exceptions: Pietersen and Bopara).
3. The whole experience is likely to be repeated on Monday, for ODI no.2.
4. India are looking worryingly brilliant, especially Yuvraj.
5. England were bowled out in 37 overs. At least finish at 50 lads. Come on.
6. Nightwatchgirl has been up a very long time, and it's only 10.30am.


Anonymous said...

Bopara's batting was excellent, shame about his running between the wickets.

Not to worry anyway, it's a 7 match series. It wouldn't be much fun if didn't give them a head start.

David said...

I saw the overview on the CA website, then headed straight here for the nitty gritty. In the distance i heard a faint sound, a voice inside my head was whispering "Ashes...."

DreamDancer said...

Bopara's innings was yet more evidence that he should have been picked ahead of Luke Wright months ago.

Another plus is that Yuvraj may not play in the next game... although that still leaves Sehwag, Dhoni, Gambhir, Raina...