Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christmas Will Be Cold

Miss Field; the brilliant; the witty; the Australia fan; has written an interesting piece this week involving calendars and cricketers not wearing very much.

This got Nightwatchgirl thinking. Surely the ECB would capitalise on the England cricket team's good looks? It's obvious they're short of money (else, why is NWG paying £95 a ticket for Lord's), so a calendar filled with England's finest would surely be a top seller.

Imagine, Ian Bell looking all surly and sultry in to the camera, or Paul Collingwood emerging from the water like Mitchell Johnson wearing not very much. Nightwatchgirl says yes please (and also realises sarcasm is hard to communicate by words alone).

So, Nightwatchgirl went looking. And there she found it. The ECB calendar. But were there any pictures of half dressed cricketers?

That's a no, then.

Instead, what's the best Team England can provide?
How did you guess?

What every cricket fan wants. A magnetised cricket ball that you can stick your paper clips too. How useful.

England, you must do better. Your country needs you.


David said...

Id rather have the cricket ball than see ian bell or collingwood with anything less than clothes, pads, arm guard, thigh pads, helmet, gloves, shoes socks etc...:P

Brat said...

I do recall Glos doing a naked calendar last year, I think. (I really wanted a copy so I could see the delicious delicious Hamish Marshall in the buff. But no one got me one.)

SixSixEight said...

ECB couldn't organise that piss up in a brewery! [Remember they probably all took up cricket as a way of not having to engage with women.]

Hampshire did a naked calendar - didn't see the real thing but the photos that made it to the news were rather rubbish - v scantily clad cricketers posing on pitch - they looked right pillocks.

I think this sort of thing is best left to the Aussies - Mitchell Johnsone by the sea - much more promising!

Hmmm after some research - Shane Watson in a towl - no thanks!

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG has registered a complaint with the ECB about the lack of nakedness in the calendar. The response was as follows:

Dear Nightwatchgirl,

None of our cricketers are good looking enough to handle a photo without the protection a cricket kit provides.

Nightwatchgirl, we are sick and tired of your ridiculous letters. Please stop writing to us with immediate effect.

Yours caringly,


Damith S. said...

i woudlnt mind that ball, cuz i have a lot paper clips lying around at office.