Thursday, 13 November 2008

Give the ECB a Red Card

The news that a yellow card system will be introduced next season to those guilty of excessive sledging or appealing has upset Nightwatchgirl.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of banter. No one gets hurt. And it's also rather funny when picked up by the stump microphone. Who can forget Flintoff and Tino Best? (If you have, search youtube for it - it is brilliant).

Excessive appealing also has its perks. Monty and Warne (ok, so he is retired, but that's not the point) are and were both guilty of yelling a bit too often, but what's wrong with that?

Cricket runs the risk of cutting out parts of the game that provide endless entertainment. First it was no instruments taken in to the ground. Then the end of the beer glasses being piled up endlessly into long snakes. And now this.

Cricket is not a health and safety sport. There are no human right infringements on the field. And if things continue on at this pace there will be nothing left that is fun.

To the ICC and ECB: stop tweaking the rules. Leave things be. Let the fans and players enjoy themselves and cricket will remain cricket.

What's next? A player hurting himself and calling injury lawyers for compensation?



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