Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Graeme Swanns In To Save The Day

Graeme Swann has been added to the England ODI team for tomorrow's game in the hope that he can perform some sort of miracle.

This seems unlikely.

Both Broad and Pietersen have been giving interviews detailing how "we're still a good side. We beat South Africa 4-0." And how England "definitely have a chance."

Nightwatchgirl doesn't see it that way. England still rely on past games to make themselves feel better. They must learn from their mistakes. Just because you beat a team in one series, this will have no bearing on another, unless you are, like, really good.

England are not.

Score some runs, take some wickets.

Take it one run at a time.

England need to start from the bottom and work their way up.

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Damith S. said...

if they dont play swann they are stupid.

chuck him in there i say. he has as good a chance as any to do well for eng atm.

check this out for more !