Monday, 10 November 2008

India Take the Series and Roy Returns

India have won the Test series against Australia 2-0 today. The final Test at Nagpur proved too much for the Aussies, who lost by 172 runs.

England can take great hope from this series. Prick Australia and they will bleed. Even Ricky Ponting concedes that Australia did not play perfect cricket for once.

But England must also take heed. India are a nifty Test side and an even better One Day team. Packed full of batsmen in form and bowlers thirsty for wickets, KP and his team must be feeling a bit apprehensive. It will not be easy work for the up and coming series, starting next week, for England.

Some better news for the Australians. Andrew Symonds has been deemed to have completed "the prescribed welfare process" and is allowed back into the team to play a twenty20 game. No doubt, his fishing obsession is at an end and he remembers why he started playing cricket in the first place. Nightwatchgirl hopes so, anyway.

Any more disciplinary mistakes and Symonds could face the possibility of not returning to England next year. And Australia could probably do with an injection of plaice, whoops, NWG means pace.


David said...

India were a good side that beat us granted, but please don't start sprouting all that "Aussies will lose the Ashes" crap straight away. England aren't exactly the greatest tem to walk the Earth as yet there are major problems with you rbatting and bowling with a whole load of inexperience and dead wood. Just from a few losses some commentators are already saying it's 5 nil to England. These people should be shot and i'm happy to oblige.!

David said...

Maybe us losing in India is great preparation for the Ashes next year now that I come to think of it.

The pitch being rolled to oblivion has an obvious advantage to the home side, something the poms wouldn't think twice about doing.

The verbal diarrhoea (KP speciality) from the Indians helped us cope with more than just on field antics.

The pollution experienced in India might not be replicated tho the atmosphere will certainly be polluted from the garbage that the barmy army will sprout.

Having said all that I don't think the elbow to the chest is going to help us, English batsmen wouldn't dare for fear of their pretty faces being smacked one.

You heard it here first, Oomby.

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved Roy has returned. A lesser man would have chucked it in and joined the IPL full-time like Gilchrist, McGrath & Warne et al.

It should be noted that the match he is selected in is an exhibition to kick off the cricket season on telly. So he has been forgiven but only has a foot in the door in regards to selection.

His form hasn't been great so he will need to score a few if he wants to regain his position permanently.