Saturday, 8 November 2008

KP Falls To New Low

With the India series mere days away for the England camp, Pietersen has once again been trying to deny or deflect the disaster that was the Stanford Super Series.

By cleverly implying that the game in Antigua would be some sort of new game of cricket, KP thinks that people will obviously care less about the humiliating loss.

Not so, my friend.

KP declared: "we went into the Stanford game not knowing what was going to happen." Does Nightwatchgirl need to explain everything to you? This isn't scottish dancing. The Stanford match was a twenty20 game, requiring England to score some runs and then defend a good total. They managed neither.

KP continued: "We dived into depths of uncertainty." What did KP find uncertain? Same rules, same bats, same balls. The only thing wrong surely was the beating England received.


SixSixEight said...

KP - he has hardly played any Twenty20. It's a form where a good well drilled team [as in team not mixture of stray players picked before the match] will prosper.

England were never going to look good. As it was they were outplayed by a well up for it, well prepared team. And he should be good enough to admit it.

Rahul said...

May be KP was talking about Stanfords antics -)