Monday, 3 November 2008

No Moore Whining Please

So Peter Moores thinks that if England don't call themselves England, that this will somehow change how they play.

This is wrong.

A name is a name is a name.

Just because you call a pineapple a pear, it still remains a pineapple.

Nightwatchgirl has some handy hints for Peter Moores and England:

1. Play better.
2. Stop the team from getting out so quickly.
3. Make them score some runs. It makes the rest of the game far more enjoyable.
4. Bowl better.
5. Take wickets.
6. Don't moan after you lose. It doesn't change things and whining is for girls.

If England can't follow these basic steps, the team is done for.

Nightwatchgirl has done all she can do. The rest is up to England All Stars, or the much more catchy: The Team Waiting To Hand You a Shed Load of Money.


Anonymous said...

If England play like that again, things are looking pretty good for NWG Superstars.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

NWG Super Stars to be announced tomorrow. Some slight problems with attendance at training yesterday, but NWG cracked the whip, and everyone is in good shape for the press conference to announce the full team.

Oh yes, it's going to be good.

Damith S. said...

Im eagerly awaiting the NWG superstars. Its going to be a very interesting team.

And on England. They need to play proper cricket to win a game. Cuz that was so far from cricket I dont even know what to call it.