Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Why Practice When You Can Just Talk?

England have cancelled a training session today, opting instead for having a nice little chat round the fire.

In a warped attempt to find some answers for England's poor show in the India ODI series so far, Peter Moores et al now think that by talking this will somehow improve the players and help their batting and bowling.

Why does Nightwatchgirl have to do all the thinking for England?

Listen, KP, Moores, in fact everyone in the whole world: you can only get better with practice. This is a proven, scientific fact in the laws of nature. Jabbering about it, discussing the finer points of a forward drive, detailing how to bowl a yorker, will not make these things happen. They must be rehearsed. They must be done a thousand times.

Leave the talking to the people who have to put up with watching the game (and crying). You just get on and play. And try. And make an effort.

That is all we ask.


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