Monday, 15 December 2008

All's Well That Ends Well (or not)

Bloody hell.

What did Nightwatchgirl say? Never declare.

In fact, avoid playing any good teams in the future. England are clearly not good enough.

India showed today how a side, with their backs against the wall, can turn a game around and win.


A concept England are not familiar with.

But England needn't lose complete heart; India are the best Test team in the world right now. No more Australia, no more South Africa.

England need to re-group, re-focus and get that ridiculous notion out of their minds that they really stood any chance today of beating a side filled to the brim with the best batsmen this side of the milky way.

They did not.


David said...

Correction, India are the best test team in the world when playing in India.

Anyways, can't wait for the Ashes next year, what good preparation ;)

Unknown said...

Oomby beat me too it.. cause India haven't been the best team in Australia or Sri Lanka in their recent tours...

though interestingly they were the best team in England in July 2007...

Viswanathan said...


Commiserations. Mohali is still up in the air.

V said...

....and nor in south africa..the best batmen in this side of the milky way have all failed misreably in SA

Anonymous said...

Well said, guys. Let India win the Mohali test first and then we can talk. Last time England came here, it was India 1-0 going into the final test and the final result, I hear, was 1-1.
Something tells me this might repeat this time too. Dont be surprised if England sneak through and win the Mohali test starting tomorrow. And remember, you ou heard it from me, first