Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Cricketing Year 2008: A Round Up

2008 has flown by, providing cricket with too much to mention. Nightwatchgirl feels it necessary to do a run-down of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Good year for:

Kevin Pietersen becoming captain of England
South Africa beating everyone in Test cricket.
Middlesex beating everyone in the Twenty20.
India beating everyone playing in India.
England beating South Africa in the ODI series 4-0.
Bangladesh doing better than expected.
Steve Harmison remembering he needed to play for England again.
Crazy Krejza being picked to play for Australia.
The new TV gadget of hot-spot. Genius.
The Stanford All Stars who are now very rich.
NWG meeting Michael Clarke and thinking he needs a good meal.
England to be rubbish because 2008 means nothing compared with 2009.
Sussex players who will undoubtedly be picked for England.

Bad year for:

The Australian cricket fan who bought a ticket for the fifth day at the MCG, December '08.
England - in all forms of the game.
Surrey- ditto.
Michael Vaughan standing down (maybe that should be in the good year section).
Owais Shah always being over-looked.
Simon Jones being constantly injured.
Crazy Krejza being hailed as the new spinner for Australia and then being dropped.
Matthew Hoggard (sob).
England wicket keepers.
The English summer. We need a good one for 2009.
Players who play for any other county except Sussex and want to play for England.

An ugly year for:

Matthew Hayden forgetting how to bat.
Ricky Ponting being captain of Australia when they start to lose.
Australia (again) in general.
Kevin Pietersen the tail end of the year when England couldn't even buy a win (illegally of course).
Ryan Sidebottom being moody, mean and not very good.
Daniel Flynn having to have mouth surgery when two teeth were unceremoniously removed by a cricket ball in England.
The IPL making cricketers behave like circus monkeys.
Stanford - ditto but for England.
Graeme Swann for the worst over-throw in history against New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

a bad year for my laptop:
for my laptop - [emoticon: steaming thru my ears and nostrils]
for silly points - [emoticon: redfaced, steaming thru my ears and nostrils and going grrrrrrrrrrrr]

but I will not complain
I have found cricket-fanatic friends and a new world outside the insular world of the old BBC TMS boardmembers.

on the blogging front, my life will not be the same without having to fight for my favourite player. [emoticon: a fluttering dove and birdies going cheep cheep in the background ]

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot
a happy New Year, NWG.

Is there a medical test for dementia?
Any test without the need for a needle will do.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Happy New Year to you Chinaman. May 2009 bring Silly Point all the best for the year (emoticon: smiley face).

Hope the New Year fairy brings you a better laptop.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours NWG. Never mind what the IPL did to the cricketers, did you hear any of the commentary? Utter utter utter utter drivel.

Top of the charts for spouting the most crapola as an IPL commentator must be Ramiz Raja. My granny had to chastise me several times for expressing in a a slightly blasphemous fashion that Mr Raja was talking testicles. As for Ravi Shastri in the post match presentations trying to whip up a crowd frenzy... this isn't the WWE yet...

This brings to mind Andrew Symonds walking into bat... "From Queensland, Australia here is CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!"

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Happy new year to you Jamie.

The IPL makes NWG think that cricket has lost its soul. What's next, cheerleader? Oh no wait, that's already happened.