Saturday, 20 December 2008

England In Hospital

As predicted by Nightwatchgirl, Gambhir was thinking about making his highest score (almost got there, it was his second highest. His top score is against Australia - 206, NWG felt it necessary to mention), and made a more than decent 179.

And then there was Dravid, who made 136.

And they made England bowl 676 balls at just them.


Right. The positives:

1. Tendulkar, Laxman and Yuvraj scored 67 runs combined. Which is excellent.
2. Swann (3-122) and Flintoff (3-54) bowled well-ish.
3. It's a Saturday.
4. It's almost Christmas.

1. England will never score more than 400, let alone 453.
2. Yuvraj was dropped when on 8 or 11, NWG can't remember now, but it was bad.
3. England must be tired. NWG knows she is.
4. It's almost Christmas.
5. NWG has had enough. It is doubtful she will watch the rest of the day's play.


Tarun said...

Well do u think it will be a draw then or do u see India pressing for runs.

Lights a big concern in this match.

DreamDancer said...

England have managed to make a complete mess of this game so far despite today's improvement. On the plus side there's still plenty of time left.

Maybe KP will stop playing like an idiot and get some runs. Strauss has looked good so far this tour and the rest of them have to score runs at some point...