Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Excuses Will Get You Nowhere

Since India's impressive and dramatic victory yesterday, the England camp have been rather forthcoming with a range of excuses to explain how it was they lost.

1. "When you're trying to set fields to a magician like that, it's very difficult." KP

2. "We didn't capitalise on our position." Geoff Miller, selector.

3. "I have got a fractured rib." KP

4. "I don't think it's tactics, it's skill." Peter Moores.

5. "I think we were a little defensive." Andy Flower.

6. "We must look to capitalise on our momentum." Andy Flower.

7. "In some ways, I feel for Monty in that our preparation was compromised alot." Peter Moores.

Seven reasons why England lost.

Seven made up excuses for why India are better than England.

Nightwatchgirl's dog has a suggestion, how about getting more runs and not declaring?

England, back to the drawing board. Immediately.

1. -get over it. 2. - yup. 3. - so what? stop moaning. 4. - no, it's tactics and skill. Two things England lack. 5. - A little? Try a lot. 6. - once again, stating the obvious. 7. - Everything was compromised.


straight point said...

inadequate perparation...hmmm...

...and all this while indian cricket team was practicing in hotel taj indoors...

Anonymous said...

or because my laptop caught the dreaded parasite -mirar. Yikes

Hi NWG - my laptop is in intensive therapy and I am steaming through my nose and ears. Would be grateful if you could keep and eye on SP. ie when or if you are through spanking the English team and managers.

But one point in their favour - a Sehwag's unpredictable explosion will always turn a match on its head. Sehwag and Tendulkar - both in a punishing mood and form - what can anyone say.

What makes me happy is not the indian victory. It was the victory of sports over terrorism.

After the mumbai killings, it had been discussed on the net that Indian cricket would suffer.

This was a scream of denial.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice for an international captain to say things that real club cricketers say. Things like "Our number 1 spinner couldn't turn a bloody key!". "We were a bit village really" or "We ballsed that up."

Every side I've played in has had a fines system. KP should come out and show us the list of fines for England. Or "Wanted" posters. Monty's spin, Harmy's bite, Shah's spot at number 3, et cetera.

Simple rule - if you're crocked and the hordes of backroom staff can't fix you then don't play. I'd have loved a few days of net sessions in Abu Dhabi. Always thought actual games - even practice games - are better than nets.

Great to see that it was a good test match with a positive result. Should have bet on Sachin scoring a hundred... it was almost inevitable.

Nice to meet you NWG. I'm Jamie, a quasi Mark Ealham but far more crocked.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Mr. D,

How polite to introduce yourself in such a way that NWG would think she was at a formal dining club. If only all her readers were like that.

She will immediately suggest some sort of fines system to Peter Moores, god knows he needs some help.

Yours sincerely,



Please pass on my condolences to your departed computer. Fear not, NWG is here.

Damith S. said...

this is all because the ecb coudlnt cough up the 5 bottles of arrack we asked for in exchange for monty's spot in one our clubs.

see how you suffer now.