Friday, 26 December 2008

Hayden's Christmas Hangover

Just as Nightwatchgirl was putting the turkey back in the fridge and insisting on another glass of wine (always a mistake), she realised that the cricket world had not abandoned her. The cricket world had provided another Test match to watch and she was grateful.

The second Test between Australia and South Africa has not disappointed. NWG watched Hayden get out again (is this the end for him?), and then was forced to stop imagining what a Christmas in Australia was like (oh to be warm again) and go to bed.

But that didn't stop Ponting or Katich knocking around the ball, but it did stop Hussey (another duck, not the greatest Christmas present ever) and Australia will start tomorrow 280-6, with Michael Clarke (36) and Brett Lee trying to get a few more precious runs.

While England stuff themselves full of everything available, Australia and South Africa are living up to the hype (Aussies may not agree with that last statement).

It's a close contest; it's aggressive; and best of all England can't lose (for once).


Damith S. said...

You are watching the wrong match.

You cant beat a good ol, SL- Bangl boxing day test.

God I love our test schedule

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Why can't England just play in the cold, against Canada or someone, wearing gloves, ski hats and scarves?