Sunday, 28 December 2008

How Did He Duminy That?

When it looked impossible, when Australia should have wrapped the South African tail up in an hour, Duminy (166) played an absolute peach of an innings.

Although obviously he deserves praise and admiration for his batting, NWG couldn't help but draw attention to one particular person:

Michael Hussey.

For his attempted catch was more than just providing some humour for the neutral observer. It was down right comical (and probably would resemble NWG trying to catch a cricket ball).  

He stood there, trying to shield his eyes from the sun with one hand, then the other, then moved about a bit to see if that would help, and then the ball dropped behind him while he was still looking for it in the air.

Poor Hussey.  He's not having the greatest series.  But surely this clip on youtube will ensure he will never be forgotten and kids everywhere will learn how not to catch a ball.

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