Thursday, 18 December 2008

It's Cheese And Crackers Time

It's great day when Nightwatchgirl can feel that she can be moderately neutral. She has no vested interest in Australia or South Africa winning. Both beat England pretty regularly and both seek to beat one another. This makes her feel like she can be truly honest.

It's wonderfully liberating.

Day two has been another cracker. Mitchell Johnson, with figures of 7-42, ravaged his way through South Africa, leaving them 243-8. A lot of runs behind Australia.

Johnson, ever the eloquent cricketer, summed up how his performance went today: "it all just seemed to happen." Is that modesty or does he have a bit of the James Anderson about him?

Either way, South Africa must recover from their 5-7 debacle late in the last session and take to the field with some purpose, and Australia must be looking to consolidate their lead with piling on the runs tonight.

England must take heed from this series. They need to (somehow) find Australia's weak points and learn how to exploit them, whilst also concentrating on the start of the second Test tomorrow. Is KP capable of thinking about more than one thing at once?

Answers on a postcard.


Anonymous said...

By a bit of the James Anderson, I assume you mean...

"Is he as thick as shit?"

If so, then from what I've seen the answer would have to be a resounding yes!
Mitch doesn't appear to have too much upstairs.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more Suave, who can forget his response when asked what the bowling plan was: "The plan was to stick to the bowling plan."

V said...

or may be he is has been listening and reading God's interview ,who also has the same answer to every question ..."just play my natural game"...some one has to tell him that he is no GOD

Anonymous said...

It rather ruined my morning. SA looked to be heading for a nice lead and then suddenly collapso a la Inglesi. The only really good ball in that five was the one that got rid of de Villiers. Kallis didn't need to play at the one he got out to, Morkel didn't play straight, Duminy looked a sucker for the short stuff and Harris was giving catching practice.

Australia will look for a lead of 100, bat well on what is now a belter of a wicket and look to pressure the Saffers on the last day and a half. And there I was hoping the Aussies would lose.

ESPN Classic are showing the 1989 Ashes series. They didn't lose much then IIRC...

Thank you for your kind reply NWG. I do feel at my best when wearing some nice formal dress and bow tie :)