Sunday, 21 December 2008

KP and Freddy To The Rescue

After the worst possible start (England were 1-2, more of a football score than cricket), England recovered as well as could have been expected.

Nightwatchgirl finally figured out that KP was batting so badly in the last Test, so that his score of 144 would look so much better. That's very clever, Kevin. But NWG has found you out.

Yes, England are 282-6, yes, James Anderson is currently being NWG's equivalent, and yes there is only Prior, Swann and Broad to go who can really bat, but at least England have given it a good go.

That's all an England fan can really hope for when playing India in India.

And NWG is grateful.

Because as England will eventually, at least Australia lost too.

It's not too often you can say that.


David said...

Australia didn't lose, South Africa won.

Anonymous said...

And England are, infact, winning, if only they can keep their belief. 3 Wickets gone as I type. If they can get India to set no more than 350, then KP and Flint and even Bell cna make merry.