Wednesday, 10 December 2008

KP: One Large Foot Inserted Into One Large Mouth

The England captain, for which the hopes and dreams rest on his dainty South African shoulders, has come out today with a few crackers.

KP, ever the subtle and intelligent man has strangely said: "you could say we couldn't lose in this situation."


KP. Yes you can. If India beat you, England lose. Does NWG need to run through the rules of Test cricket with you again? Because that'll be the fourth time this week.

The selectors went with Graeme Swann and Matt Prior (big surprise) to play ahead of Ambrose and Broad.

KP has these kind words to say about Swann: "he's a lovely confident boy." Hang on a tic. Swann is actually a year older than KP. Some would consider that kind of comment a tad patronising. And annoying (NWG certainly did).


Damith S. said...

I was about to post about KPs superduper comments.

I wonder of KC would take to his comments like hes taken to Haydens :P

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