Saturday, 27 December 2008

Never Kick An Aussie

So there was South Africa, all puffed up after winning the first Test, all puffed up after a good first day yesterday, and then Australia decided that that was enough and they wanted to win this one.

South Africa finished on 198-7. Smith was seemingly the only batsman wanting to score runs, as McKenzie was out for a duck (England please take note: apparently he does get out, it was just you being rubbish), and apart from Duminy, no other South African batsmen scored over 30.

This puts Australia in a firm lead, and unless lightening strikes twice (Graeme, lightning conductor might help you out here), Australia will most likely level the series.

This is a good thing for the neutral observer. The final Test will most likely be the king of all games, where heroics are a necessity and mistakes of any kind will be regretted.

NWG may even try and stay up and watch.


Tarun said...

Aussie kicked, subdued and buried.

Making prediction in cricket in difficult task.

lead of 66, from 196/7

SAfs in drivers seat shoul we say

Anonymous said...

Oh how the worm turns...

GO Smithy!!!