Sunday, 14 December 2008

Nightwatchgirl Declares Declarations are Scary

Declarations are a risky business. Declarations suggest that you have enough runs to last you till next year, that you have no fear that the other team will even get near it. Declarations are for Australians and South Africans, not the English.

This is why:

1. England's bowlers hate pressure (a worrying fact, NWG knows, but still true).
2. India's batsmen are unbelievable (bloody Sehwag, 83 off 68 - does he not know this is Test cricket?).
3. Monty Panesar was never likely to score a hundred, but still, he could have added maybe one or two runs to the total.
4. A team can never have too many runs when playing India. Repeat five hundred times.

Now England fans are left with getting up (again) at 4am and watching some of the greatest batsmen of our time (basically the whole top order of India) whittle down the total and unless something great happens, something completely and utterly fantastic, the game will be a draw or India will win.

England need another Edgbaston performance from Flintoff or Harmison's golden Test against the West Indies way back when. Swann needs to channel Crazy Krejza. And all India need to do is to not get out.

It will be a tense day, just how Nightwatchgirl likes it.


V said...

i would say england are the favourites ...indians have an appaling fourth innings record...the one i see who would prosper tommorrw is gambhir..apart from him i have seen all the "great batsmen" struggling in fourth innings ..seen them buckle under pressure more often the england

Anonymous said...

Dont worry NWG, England are going to win this. England only needed one wicket and they got it today. Without Sehwag, thee is not a hope in the hell for India
Congrats on a well-deserved victory to your team, NWG. Yes, England *have* won this one. It just needs to be played out tomorrow. Congrats again and sleep peacefully - trust me, we have been watching this great middle order for long - they have not even saved a match in a difficult fourth innings chase - forget it, England are definitely not going to lose the first test against India in Chennai in Dec-2008.

Anonymous said...

chases are won by No. 3 batsmen, our no. 3 dravid is practically bulls**t now.

I wish ponting was No. 3 for us..