Monday, 22 December 2008

Yuv Got To Be Kidding

After yesterday's brave efforts between KP and Flintoff in the batting department, England fizzled out hopelessly today.

The last five batsmen made a measly 19 runs between them (NWM Jimmy - not out, important distinction), to leave England dangling at 302.

And then India were batting again. Scoring runs again. Not getting out again. Leaving them on 134-4 (Yuvraj 39, Gambhir 44) at the end of play.

If this game peters out in to a draw, England will have done well.

But NWG doesn't hold out much hope. She has become a fervent pessimist. The only thing that could save her now, is the return of Hoggard, and although she has asked Santa very kindly, she feels that Peter Moores will over-rule her.


DreamDancer said...

While I can see why Jimmy's no is rather pleasing to you, if he'd actually done his job last night instead of taking a single, Freddie would not have got out and we could be winning. A long shot but true.

Leela said...

I think a draw is most likely...