Friday, 24 October 2008

Money + Cricket = Stanford

The Stanford series starts (finally) this weekend with a bang and a suitcase full of money. If anyone was in any doubt about cricket being slave to the dollar during IPL season, that can be firmly shut out of everyone's mind now that money is being thrown at cricketers in the West Indies for this series.

And Nightwatchgirl is not complaining. No, she actually quite likes watching the game. It's an alright spectator sport. Bit of hitting here, bit of throwing there and before you know it, you can buy a Rolex with extra gold and diamonds. Sheer joy. Cricketers have never had it so easy.

The first England game on Sunday sees them playing Middlesex. Obviously. Carbon footprints as big as Yeti's are stamped all over Antigua. Who cares about CO2 emissions when you can be watching and playing cricket in the warm, balmy weather of the West Indies?

Nightwatchgirl is doing the honourable thing and not flying out, but settling down on a comfy sofa and enjoying the game. That's almost as good...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Oval Rules

Nightwatchgirl has an important announcement to make in numerical order (but not in order of importance, obviously).

1. She has Oval Ashes tickets.

2. She bought them off the Surrey website without any fuss or hullabaloo.

3. There was no queuing for an hour and a half.

4. There will be no buying off ebay for extortionate, over the top prices fit only for holidays and handbags.

5. England and Australia will be there too. Bonus.

6. It will rain or day will turn in to night at some point during the Test, without biblical implications.

7. NWG will not be allowed to take her cello with her. Boo.

8. India beat Australia, which gives England a glimmer of hope.

Monday, 20 October 2008

No Clowning Around for England

Kevin Pietersen, England captain and now philanthropist (apparently he will be donating part of his prize winnings to charity), has come out today defending the $1,000,000 prize fund that will accompany a win in the Stanford series.

Whilst the rest of the world are contemplating a dry spell when it comes to finances, the England camp could potentially win more money than many earn in five years, let alone one. But Nightwatchgirl is not blaming the England team. But that hasn't stopped KP.

For some unknown reason, Pietersen feels he needs to assert that he doesn't want "anyone [in the England camp] carrying on like a clown."

What is this statement in relation to? Is a big, curly, red wig and make-up part of the appearance fee? Will Harmison and Broad be required to bowl on a unicycle? Will Collingwood have water squirted in his eye when he's trying to take a catch?

If this is the case, Nightwatchgirl thinks the prize should be doubled and maybe accompanied by the West Indian players having to field while riding elephants and possibly Prior jumping on a trampoline whilst trying to keep wicket.

Test Cricket Found Alive and Well in India

Who said Test cricket is boring?

Day 4 of the India v Australia Test proves that the five day Test match is alive and well. India piled on the runs, revealing Australia's weak point at having no decent spinner. Gambhir, Sehwag and Dhoni were able to accumulate a whopping 314-3 before declaring.

After an aggressive start by Katich and Hayden, Australia appeared to be doing what they do best: bat like their lives depend on it. That was until Harbhajan and Sharma turned up and decided enough was enough and ripped apart the top order, leaving Australia 58-5.

And then the fightback began. Haddin and Clarke are proving that there is still potential to score and hold their own on 141-5.

Tomorrow will prove to be an excellent day of cricket, whichever way it goes.