Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hayden Takes The Long Walk

Matthew Hayden has retired.

NWG feels a bit sad about it really.

She will instead be buying his bbq cookbook from amazon.


Anonymous said...

I always found it hard to relate the born again Christian thing with the bully that Hayden portrayed himself as on the cricket field. I'm sure many people felt that way (a bit like Russell Brand and his "Hare Krishna" thing yet he said things that were totally unlike a Hare Krishna to Andrew Sachs) and so when he hit a poor patch of form there wasn't much sympathy for him outside of Australia.

Unlike players like, say, David Gower, who could butcher bowling so beautifully and effortlessly.

Personally I rated Justin Langer more highly of the two Aussie openers. A real fighter but not a bully.

Hayden's record speaks for itself, although his 380 against Bangladesh ought to be reduced by half, as ought all scores against Bangladesh, to give some accuracy to the averages.

Like him or not, you have to respect his performances and career stats.

I liked what he said in his press conference about "I've retired from cricket but not from life". That shows a positive determination and that there is more to life than just cricket. Well, for him at any rate.

Wonder who'll get his place at the top of the order?

Anonymous said...

Jaques will return if fit.

Also the 380 was scored against Zimbabwe that included Heath Streak.

The Zim team of 2003 were much better than their contemparies and Bangladesh. Still they were no match for Australia but I can't remember anyone else scoring a triple against them at the time.

As for the bullying I've never really understood the conjecture. For a start it is far too simplistic and ignores the subtleties of how he built his innings and career.

In every sport the aim is to dominate your opponent thereby ensuring victory. Hayden and many of his team-mates did this to perfection.

The bullying jibe appears to be a complaint aired purely for the sake of finding something negative to say about a batsman that reached every pinnacle in world cricket.