Wednesday, 7 January 2009

KP And Moores Take The Long Walk And Resign

Bloody hell.

KP is apparently gone. Peter Moores is apparently gone. England, in the most important year for cricket, is left in disarray.

It is being reported that Andrew Strauss will take over the captaincy (that pleases NWG in this dark time).

But what has led to KP going? It was written in the stars that Moores was getting the push, and that comes as no surprise, but KP going is a shock. Matters came to a head when KP said he was not prepared to tour the West Indies under the current management.

Did he lose support in the dressing room through his god complex?

KP has said "I'm not in a fit state to talk about the resignation," leaving no one any clearer, except he's lost the ability of speech (finally).

It has emerged throughout the morning that KP, shock horror, is a bit of an egomaniac. He's been forced to resign after telling the board: sack Moores or I go (dangerous game). The board said: you're gone.

NWG thinks that perhaps KP has forgotten who he is.

Things KP is not:

2. A cricket selector with decades of experience.
3. A toddler in a supermarket expecting to get everything he wants.
4. Just generally a toddler.
5. A certified cricket coach, capable of controlling training and coaching sessions.
6. England captain.
7. A member of Liberty crappy X getting rid of a bandmate.

England cricket is not a toy or boyband. Captains can't go round deciding who's in and who's out just because they don't see eye to eye. Captains also can't leak stories to the press just because they can. It doesn't make you strong. It doesn't make you clever. And, most importantly, you lose the support of your players.

Let the new England captain take heed of these mistakes.

12pm - The ECB are denying that neither KP nor Peter Moores have officially resigned. Have they not opened their post today?

6pm - After the statement by Hugh Morris, it seems things were not quite so clear. KP is stating he only resigned an hour ago. It is also rumoured that Moores was sacked.

All these rumours and snippets of information are doing the team no good at all. England need unity, quiet and peace. KP, for whatever reason, has had a meltdown. Moores has gone. The West Indies beckons.

NWG despairs. This would never happen in Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing about this on the BBC so I'm reliant on Sky Sports News. Bob Willis and Dominic Cork have been scathing about the ECB and I'm in agreement with much of what they say. I think I'm scared of that thought...

People who are very driven polarise opinions - people are either with them or against them. Often it comes from people being scared of the sheer drive and commitment the person has. I've seen it in business. It works when the person is good but when the person is a bit of a "Gareth" then it doesn't and "Gareth" needs to be moved on himself.

My gut feeling is that the suits at the ECB are scared of KP. He brooks no idiots and is ferociously committed to winning cricket matches. If someone he's working with isn't up to that level of commitment then he doesn't want them around.

The suits at the ECB saw this as a threat to their empire so blocked and dragged this out. KP's resignation shows a complete lack of confidence in the chairman, managing director, coach and board of the ECB. If this were happening in Japan, Giles Clarke, Hugh Morris and the executive board of the ECB would have resigned in embarrassment and perhaps contemplating seppuku.

It will be interesting to see what KP says. I'll bet the Australians are loving this!

I wonder if this will influence how people vote in the upcoming ECB chairman elections...?