Wednesday, 7 January 2009

KP Has Literally Gone Nuts (The Bad Kind)

As if things couldn't be any worse. As if the entire England team have broken their hands and legs simultaneously. As if NWG was put in as opening batsman against Australia.

The cricket world has gone mad.



After just a brief statement earlier, it has now emerged that KP will not be holding a press conference.

He would rather sell his story. To a paper. For money.

Never mind the team. Never mind the fans. Never mind the Ashes.

All KP wants is the money and the fame that comes with headlines, photoshoots and sob stories.

Next week in OK magazine: See Kevin and Jessica at home....

This is not cricket.

This is not how this year is supposed to go.

KP has given England cricket and the captaincy a bad name.

NWG will not forgive him for it.


Anonymous said...

Dear NWG,
"KP has given England cricket and the captaincy a bad name" ....... Possibly he just reconfirmed that English Cricket had lost its way many seasons ago.
Personally I blame Kerry Packer for ensuring all cricketers get a living wage :-))
We should have kept them down the pits until we needed them, apart from the Gentlemen that is!!
Douglas ( a Scot living in the USA, so obviously I'm a cricketing expert ! )

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Kerry Packer. Another KP. NWG is sensing a dangerous pattern...

Anonymous said...

And Kieren Pollard smashed a glass door yesterday in the NZ vs WI match.
Let's just ban all Kps from cricket and all will be right with the world.....

David said...

Hahaha someone had to go blame an Aussie. I can see the Ashes at the end of the tunnel and its still 6 months off...

Vote for Ian Bell as Capt! ;)

Anonymous said...

That KP theory is quite interesting - we have a kiran pawar in ranji trophy but we let him come nowhere near an Indian test side :-)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Oomby,you're only making matters worse. Stop twisting the knife.