Thursday, 8 January 2009

The KPlot Thickens

After the events yesterday (surprising/irritating), the cornflour has been added to the gravy and it thickens.

Turns out no one really liked KP.

Freddy and Harmison are both rubbing their hands with glee that KP has gone.

But England cricket has been left reeling.

How will they settle down? Will the team be able to concentrate?

Most importantly: what will the dressing room be like in the West Indies?

KP has put England in the worst position possible for the start of 2009. By playing this game of brinkmanship, KP thought he could pull off a minor coup.

He was wrong.

Andrew Strauss, the most mild-tempered of all the England team, now faces a tough ask.

Should KP be sacked from the team all together? NWG can't decide. When he performs, he's irreplaceable. Trouble is, will he be causing the team's morale more damage?

And what's this about KP sounding out Shane Warne to coach England? Has the world gone mad?


Anonymous said...

Steve Harmison acting as Judas? Has he finally found the cojones that have been missing for so long from what is supposed to be England's bowling spearhead? If Harmison doesn't perform in the West Indies then I hope he is stripped of his central contract and left to rot at Durham.

Let us not forget Flintoff is also damaged goods. Like KP a great player when on fire but if KP's not captaincy material then neither is Flintoff.

You can perform well in a team even though there are people you think are complete Gareths. I've done it and I would expect the England players to be able to do the same.

I'll say it again - serious questions need to be asked of the ECB management. They appointed KP and Moores, they need to be held to account. Publicly.

Strauss should have been captain for the Ashes tour down under. The one where England got mercilessly [expletive deleted] 5-0. I see Duncan Fletcher's written about the goings on and failed to acknowledge it was his mistake to give Flintoff the captaincy for that tour that played a major role in this coming to pass. Had Strauss been given the role, 5-0 might well have been averted and Strauss given the captaincy when MV quit.

One rule I'd bring in is this: anyone who reveals anything about what goes on in the dressing room is stripped of their central contract and never plays for England again. Clive Woodward did that for England rugby, Richard Cockerill thought he was joking and then found that he wasn't.

There is much to learn for all involved. Now that sport is a business the ECB can expect to find more people frighteningly driven like KP. They need to learn how to handle such people or this will happen time and again.

Anonymous said...

I missed the build up to this. Now am reading it in backward chronology.

To me it seems more aiming the crosshairs on one own foot, NWG. Or of a friable cookie doing the crumble. Or both.

When / where did it go wrong? When your version of jokers in the boardrooms appointed KP to be a captain who would only do the "toss" and follow orders.

That is not KP. That was never to be. It was not just shortsightedness, but a delusion.

I favour the old-fashioned cricket teams of captain's leading and not being the coach's puppet.

I side with KP on this.
What ECB has done is make it easy for other big egos in the team who may secretly desire the captain's seat, to play politics.

Will KP ever be the player I have seen on the screen? I do not think so. It will take a long while for England to get over this.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Jamie - NWG thinks you've been drinking from the pessimism fountain. England fans must unite and see the rainbow from the storm (or something). But NWG does agree with you about the ECB. They rarely do anything good.

Chinaman - England were never going to be able to contain KP's ego. It was always going to be a tough ask. KP will either score double centuries by the bus load, or self-destruct.

Anonymous said...

But that is my point.

The selectors should be aware of the player's personality/ego, leadership / man management skills before making one the captain. But once made - the board should give full support and stand by their captain.

By not doing so, the only message that is sent out s that the Board will not stand by their players if/when necessary. It can kill the team.

One does not have to be the best player to be captain. England proved it with Mike Brearley. But with Australian successive successes - came the belief that the OZ way was the only way.

The OZ were invincible because of the quality of their players, not their method of coach led teams. If it was, Oz would have thrashed SA.

Greg Chappell left India in tatters at the WCC.

It is time for a re-think of who to make captain and on which attributes. To tell the coaches to do their job away from publicity - from behind the sightscreens.

David said...

KP wants England to win and by bringing in possibly the best strategist in the game Warney, he obviously wants to get something for his team. Fair enough but Warney is ours so bugger off:P

Leela said...

NWG, I still don't get it... After losing to the Stanford XI,a Mumbai club side, and losing 5-0 to India (which was a one-side drubbing, if ever there was one) And losing the test series, the ECB stays mum while the captain announces that the coach must be changed.

So KP is the sensible one here right?

Despite his obvious narcissicm, one feels KP had his heart in the right place...

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Leela, this is an excellent point. Perhaps Moores had to go anyway. But the point is KP is not the judge, jury and executioner. That's what the suits are for. Most likely Moores would have gone regardless, but KP forcing their hand shows a man with too much power (or what he thought was power).

Leela said...

I agree his wings needed to be clipped.. I wish somebody in the ECB had taken him aside and done that..& retained him.

You know when I rewind to the India series, I can remember him *patiently* trying to get his morose looking (with the exception of Flintoff, Shah, and Broad)team members excited. He did not once throw a tantrum and act like a spoilt brat/Punter.

That says a lot about him.

The other thing with big egos is that they are too busy self-obsessing to malign others.

Anyway, best of luck for the Windies series. :-)