Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lehmann Brother Wants England Coach

Turns out Shane Warne was right about one thing. No, not wanting to be the England coach, but selflessly suggesting Darren Lehmann (note: not a failed bank, but former Australian cricketer) who is definitely interested.

Would this be a good move for England?

-He's Australian. They know how to win stuff.
- He didn't coach Sussex, thereby ending Sussex-friendly selecting.
- He likes England the country because he played for Yorkshire. It's nice when a coach appreciates the countryside, the pubs, the people.
-Because he played for Yorkshire he's more likely to pick Matthew Hoggard. Whoop.

- He's Australian. Could be a spy and pass on Ian Bell's weaknesses. Oh no wait, they know that one already.
-Michael Vaughan may be reappearing...
-He might be just after the money.
-When it comes down to the crunch, could he really truly, deeply, honestly want England to beat Australia?

To the ECB: think very carefully. Possibly include lie-detectors in the interview process and truth serum.


Anonymous said...

Boof as coach could be interesting. He's an old school cricketer so hopefully wouldn't hide behind stats, laptops and standard media spin placatories. If he can pass on the best of his batting technique - test average 44.95, first class average 57.83 - then our batting can only benefit.

When Cricinfo say "Lehmann was below his best last summer, scoring 607 runs at 40.46" that says something about the guy. A 40 average being below his best? He doesn't have much coaching experience but his record commands respect.

Graham Ford's comments are interesting - "The ECB will have to do their homework" meaning "sort your fouled up mess out yourselves before offering me the job. I'm not clearing up the [expletive deleted] situation you've caused yourselves".

Other potential coaches: John Wright - his record with India suggests he can play the politics game; Ray Jennings - if he clouts Ian Bell in the head with a cricket ball it might just wake him up; Geoffrey Boycott - I'd love to see that because he would pull no punches. Egos would be well dented; David Lloyd - straight talking, motivating and a lot more sensible than many would have you believe; Shane Warne - people laugh but Warney has that magical something which works. Can't put my finger on what that something is but you can't argue with his record as player and captain.

I have a nightmare that John Bracewell gets the job. Is that scary or what?

Anonymous said...

Boof's wife is an English lass. If Darren got the job then his kids could spend some time with their Northern grandparents.

Not sure if Lehmann is properly qualified but I do know that he is one of Warne's best mates and Shane helped him get employment at Rajasthan.

It is wise to always question Warne's motives. He is naturally cunning and it was by deceit that he took most of his 708 Test wickets.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

See NWG was right. Never trust an eager Australian who seems willing to help the England team.