Friday, 16 January 2009

Nightwatchgirl Returns

Nightwatchgirl suspects that Matthew Hayden's departure caused her immune system to temporarily wander off and have a little party, leaving her with a horrible cold. But do not fear. She is coming through it and now has the energy to type.

Given this lull in NWG's blog writing, there has been all this exciting (really?) cricket news.

Australia beat South Africa twice. Then South Africa beat Australia.

Graham Ford has stuck his head up for the England coach job (current Kent coach, which inevitably means Kent players being chosen. NWG can't help thinking that having a foreign coach would at least prevent them picking players from their team). Surprise surprise, Robert Key thinks this is a brilliant idea.

Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh in a close match.

KP made it in to the top 10 batsmen in the ICC ratings, putting an Englishman (well, sort of) ahead of the Australians (Clarke and Ponting).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the cold. Hope the party was great though.
Listened to the Oz SA match last night on the internet [ 10pm to 6am here in the US ] Hayden wasn't mentioned once by the commentators.
When it looked obvious to them that Oz were going to win then Pontificate was a genius and about 30 minutes later it was time for him to go.
Think the commentators had been taking lessons from Aggers....