Sunday, 11 January 2009

Poor Kevin Tells All

So KP has finally been able to tell his side of the story. And is it interesting? Yes. Is it truthful? Questionable.

When talking about Freddy and the apparent rift, he says that Freddy told him "you cannot leave as England captain." Why is it that all the papers report that Freddy hates KP then?

The highlight of the article, NWG must quote it in full for maximum impact, was KP talking about Harmison:

"I had a long chat with Harmy about what we were going to do going forward and how he would be seen as the best bowler in the world come the end of the Ashes. 'That is your goal,' I told him, 'because I think you are a superstar.'

And then we were talking about other stuff and he said to me: 'Mate, I love you to bits and the last thing I want you to do is quit as captain.'"

Oh KP. How troubled you are.


Anonymous said...

The 'love you to bits' made me laugh a lot... and in the interview on Sky last night KP stressed how cruelly his "childhood dream" of captaining England had been snatched from him. Yeah - right!

Anonymous said...

Given Freddie Flintoff's comments in the press today, it's starting to look like someone inside the ECB leaked the initial information. Quite whether everyone involved is telling the whole truth remains to be seen.

Will the ECB investigate and reveal who did the leaking? Will they heck! I think my baring my ar5e in Woolies' window is more likely...