Tuesday, 27 January 2009

South Africa Series

The full schedule has been announced for England's trip to South Africa this winter and it's missing something.

The ECB had announced that there would be five Test matches, but it appears that one has been lost somewhere between Europe and Africa and now there are only four.

This trend for upping the number of ODIs and Twenty20s and lowering the Test matches is not a good one.

Test cricket is really the knees of bees. Yes, it might not make the cricket companies as much money, yes it does take that little bit longer, but (and it's a big but), Test cricket rules.

Would the Ashes be the same if it was just a ODI series? No.

And that answer is the answer to everything (well, nearly everything).

The five day Test match holds all that is great about cricket.

Something must be done to remind those in charge not to forget how the game was born.

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