Sunday, 25 January 2009

There's Good News and Bad News...

So the good news first:

1.Kevin Pietersen goes ahead and scores 103 with his first innings since 'the episode,' (which is how NWG will be referring to KP's meltdown from now on). This is good news because:
a) He scored runs.
b) He's not gone insane.
c) England need him to just concentrate on batting and he seems willing to comply.

2. Owais Shah is currently on 80* (off 85). NWG likes Shah, he knows how to score quickly, no messing about which is an excellent skill.

3. Alastair Cook scored 52. Good start as Vice Captain.

And the bad news (which is pretty bad. Prepare yourself).

1. Andrew Strauss was out for a duck. Hopefully it's not a reflection of how things will continue, otherwise we're in trouble.

2. Andrew Flintoff scored 11. But worse than that he's gone and injured himself. Worrying.

There's no need to lose the plot. There's no need to panic. This is just a warm-up. It doesn't mean anything. England are just adjusting. They haven't played cricket in a while.

Or something.


Anonymous said...

I see Owais has got a scratched cornea as well :( So much for the first tour game being a proper first-class game... Enjoyed watching the Saffers beating the Aussies again today :) Johan Botha has something about him though I'm still not sure of his action... good luck to the guy, if the authorities say he's cleared then he's cleared.

Read Michael Holding and Tony Becca in separate interviews talking about the mess that is West Indies cricket :( And I've got golfer's elbow (I've never played the game) which makes my partipation in the upcoming season unlikely :(

If another bowler gets crocked maybe Hoggy will get a recall :)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Wooooooooo! Matthew Hoggard rules all. Official.