Thursday, 5 February 2009

Chris Too Cool For School

This will be the easiest post ever.

Day one: poor.
Day two: poor.

The End.

But seriously, the first two days have not been England's finest hour.

Day one: Strauss, predictably getting out in single figures (no one blames him, it's almost written in the rule of life that the captain must get out early on in his first Test match).

Bell failing to go on (again).

KP not being sensible (no shock there then).

Day two: West Indies batsmen showing how its done.

The referral system. NWG can't decide whether or not this is a good thing. It feels strange to see players hanging around waiting for yet another umpire looking at the height/pitch of the ball. It seems to stop the flow of the game, makes the umpire seem a bit silly for getting the decision wrong and changes how cricket is played.

Chris Gayle. An impossibly good batsman.

England bowlers. Not having a good time of it.

Day three will be....interesting.

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