Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Harmison Puts Country Before Stomach

NWG would like to spend just a few moments talking about the previously considered not so brave man - Steve Harmison.

Turns out he is quite brave.

For NWG saw with her own eyes (admittedly on the television, but still - that never lies, does it?), poor Harmison retching, sitting, eyes shut, drinking, sitting again, a bit more drinking and then slump off once the West Indies team were all out.

Apparently he is suffering from a stomach bug.

Coping with boiling temperatures when you don't feel well is bad enough. Coping with boiling temperatures when you're meant to be participating in a competitive cricket game is quite another.

NWG hopes he is feeling better today and has enjoyed sitting quietly. Because later, regardless of how sick he feels, he's got to play a big part in getting the West Indies team out so England can even up the score. Just no one mention the word 'carrot' to him.


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