Saturday, 7 February 2009

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold


It wasn't a dream.

England really were out for 51.

And lost by an innings and 23 runs.

West Indies have their revenge for their awful showing at Sabina Park last time.

Now we're even.

Second Test it's all square.

Surely it can't get any worse than today?


David said...

Permanent smile on my face all this week I reckon ;)

This is what you call an Epic Fail!

Anonymous said...

Now I've got this blogger id thing sorted, here's Jamie :) I came home last night to find England 26-7. Good job it stunned me to silence as blaspheming and swearing in front of a 3 year old isn't good form at all.

Even the other half was able to comment, and she doesn't like cricket: "That's a bit crap then!"

My message to Geoff Miller: My cricket coffin and passport is ready, just call me and I can be at Heathrow in an hour.

It's nice to see some good West Indies fast bowling, brought up as I was with the Windies annihilating everyone through pace (1984 and 1985/6 Blackwashes).

Anonymous said...

So youy think pietersen will be scoring a consolation 400 in the fourth test?:-)

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Oomby, he who is without the perfect team should not throw the first ball/insult...

Jamie - tell NWG about it. She's sad today.

Raj - yes please. Brian-Kevin-Lara-Pietersen has a certain ring to it.